Friday, October 2, 2009

First sweater and other classes

I've signed up for my first sweater class at my LYS. I have chosen some beautiful lime yarn for my sweater! I really wanted something kind of subtle with maybe some variegation in it, but then I spotted the lime and fell in love. It is my favorite color after all. The pattern is from Knitting Pure & Simple and its the V Neckdown Cardigan for Women.

I'm also taking a sock class and a lace scarf class... I'm excited about both of these... will be my first lace. I looked at the scarf pattern and its very pretty... but I don't remember the name or who its by since I don't actually have it yet. The sock class is using Crazy Toes and Heels by Queen Kahuna and the book looks like a lot of fun!

As far as what is on my needles... I'm finished with the heel on one of Dad's socks and almost done with the other. Then only the ribbed cuff to go! I'm just going to knit until the yarn is completely gone for the cuff length. I'm further along on the socks by now... but here is a picture to see the lovely color... :)

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