Monday, October 12, 2009

Christmas presents galore...

Since my last entry I've finished Dad's socks! Woo Hoo!! Sam tried them on and is finding them quite compfy. Hope Dad likes them as much! I'm glad they're done... while I'm really happy with them I was REALLY tired of looking at that gray/beige color!

I washed and blocked the ribbed scarf I knit with Noro a few weeks ago and was really surprised with the change. The yarn really bloomed out beautifully. I'm not sure who will be getting this one for Christmas yet... but I'm sure whoever does will love it.

Talked to Tante Patin last weekend and found out she is allergic to most yarn/fabric except cotton. Well, I did find some pretty cotton to knit with, but she is now getting a scarf instead of the socks I had planned. I'm using Berrocco Cotton Twist which is a bitch to work with... it keeps splitting. I had to stick to a pretty simple pattern because its slippery and split crazy, but I do like how its looking and the shiny little bit of Rayon is really pretty.

I had signed up for 3 classes at my LYS. Unfortunately the lace scarf class was canceled since I was the only one to sign up.... soo.... I started the Double Dayflower scarf on my own and I think its going pretty well so far. I've got the pattern repeat done once so far and I think I can handle this! Of course I can only handle it when I pay attention only to my knitting and mutter to myself... but its looking pretty!

My sock class starts on Wednesday and then it will be on to my first sweater... found buttons for it this weekend.

Happy Knitting!!!

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