Tuesday, August 23, 2011

Its been a long, hot summer...

... and I've been busy sitting in my air-conditioned sun room knitting away.
 First a little something for Halloween... do you see the skulls? The pattern is Toxic socks by Chamille Chang. Both socks are at the gusset and coming along nicely.

I knit up some Aran Bed Socks for my mother-in-law's Christmas present out of some yummy Dream in Color....and finally knit a Ball-Band dish cloth out of Mason Dixon Knitting. I even finished the Sunshower Clapotis... which was my oldest UFO. I played around with the idea of using it as a gift, but lets face it. It is so mine!
I was excited to find Dragonfly fiber Djinni sock yarn in the color ways of Norbert and Maggie May. My dad's name is Norbert so he is getting Spey Valley socks for Christmas... one is half done. My mom's nick name was Maggie for the longest time so she is getting a Meandering Vines scarf out of the Maggie May for Christmas. It really was fate.

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