Monday, July 4, 2011

Christmas in July

I've officially started my Christmas knitting. My adorable niece is getting these super colorful socks. I let her raid the stash for her choice of sock yarn. She picked the Knit Picks Rainbow Felici. I decided on some purple Malabrigo for the back drop and designed some color work just for her. I'm rather liking these socks!

Aiden and I went to see Transformers Dark of the Moon this afternoon. I knit a whole leg of my Aunts cotton sock. It was a "super fun" movie to quote Aiden. I was quite entertained myself.... and it was a long movie with a lot of vanilla sock knitting.
I found some cool space invader socks at The pattern is called bmp. I will be knitting two pairs of these for Christmas... one for Sam and one for Aiden. Neither reads the blog, besides they know I'm planning to knit them, so its not a surprise. I also found a traditional Norwegian sweater with space invader motive. No way that will be knit for this year... but some time for sure. Sam loved it!

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