Sunday, August 1, 2010

What are you knitting for Christmas?

I've had several people ask me the questions... Have you started knitting for Christmas? and  What are you knitting for Christmas?
The answer is heck yeah I've already been knitting for Christmas! And lots of stuff!
After the stress full and frantic 3 months of sock knitting last year I decided to start very early this year. I've actually been knitting for Christmas... at least a little... since January! I decided it would be a great idea to just knit whatever I was in the mood for and then divide it out come December, although along the way some projects have kind of claimed an owner already. It just turned out that half way through I thought a particular person would love the project and it became theirs. Obviously I'm not going to say who goes with which project (unless they aren't going to be reading this), but here are some finished ones.
The first one is a multi-directional scarf for my sister. The second picture is of some Bella's mittens. The third picture is a keyhole scarf out of some super fun Noro. The fourth picture is another multi-directional scarf (I may keep this one!) Numer five and six are both Clapotis. One for my MIL and one for my godmother. The bubble gum colored hat is for my niece and the last hat is knit out of some marbled chunky yarn I really like.
I am also knitting a Wonderful Wallaby sweater for my son. I let him pick out the yarn. And I'm knitting a cardigan for my mom and for my hubby. I have an afghan in progress that I plan to finish for Dad and Biggi's present. So yes, I'll be busy!
During my non-Christmas knitting time I am working on Elizabeth Zimmerman's green sweater and am planning on knitting my own Clapotis.

Happy knittig ya'll!

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