Sunday, April 11, 2010

Been awhile... BUT, I've been too busy knitting!

I know its been a while since I posted anything on my blog... yikes! Its been 4 months! Wow... I must say the last few months have simply flown by! I've finished several classes this spring and projects are coming along nicely. My favorite project right now is my Clapotis:
Its a super fun and fast knit... I will definitely be making some of these for Christmas presents!
My second sweater is all finished and I love it even more than the first one! I did make a super silly mistake when finishing the second sleeve... I made it a one by one rib instead of a two by two rib like the other sleeve. Its very hard to see since its short sleeves that end up at the elbow and the fabric is so dark... so I've decided to leave it... its a good conversation piece... the moral of this story is: Don't work on anything you have to think about when you're on serious cold medication!!!
This is the coolest project ever! Its a hat you can wear as a boggin, or as a neckwarmer or you can leave the draw string open in the back and wear it as a slouchy hat with your long hair hanging out of it! My only complaint is that I didn't find this pattern until the end of Winter!
Bella's mittens are all done! I learned how to do cables using this project. They are super easy to do and look really impressive! These are going to be a Christmas gift for someone special! ;)
I also finished knitting a Shawl Collar Vest - Ravinelli for my mother-in-law and finished a scarf or two.... I have a pair of socks about a third of the way done, my Clapotis is making fast progress and I think its more than 2/3 of the way finished. This weekend I started another sweater for myself since I decided I need a spring sweater (this one is a cotton acrylic blend), and Aiden's Wonderful Wallaby sweater is started.
So.... I have been too busy knitting to work on my blog!!