Tuesday, November 17, 2009

Frogged Socks

Here are Aiden's socks I worked on this weekend. I was knitting them toe-up and had the foot, gusset and heel turn all finished. Then I made a big mistake. I mean a stupid ginormous mistake. I talked while setting my markers for the heel flap and failed to pay attention as I kept on knitting a CROOKED heel flap!! When I finally did notice I frogged back, but I had cleaned out my knitting bag and only had my #2 needles with me. You know the ones I was knitting the socks with... I couldn't get the stitches picked back up!!!! So... after a weekend of knitting Aiden's adorable little socks... I FROGGED them COMPLETELY!! ARGH!!!!!!!!!

In other news...
I knit up a cute little hat for my niece's doll and am now working on a cute poncho to go with it. They are quick and easy projects. I plan to knit up a sweater as well, which I'm going to learn steeking on to turn it into a cardigan.

and ohhh...
I got BonJovi tickets for April!! WooHoo!!

...which ALMOST makes up for the frogged socks.... almost.

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