Sunday, October 16, 2011

Nerd Wars and other Knitting News

I've discovered a fun little game called Nerd Wars on Ravelry. I managed to get on my first choice team... I'm a Squint paying homage to crime lab shows such as Bones and NCIS which I just love. Each tournament lasts 3 months... this one is from October 1st until December 31st. Each month players are presented with 6 challenges and we can fulfill as many or as few as we wish. There is also the option of a dissertation project. Totally geeky and tons of fun, right!?

The lovely space invader hat above is part of my dissertation. Pattern is Invading your Earspace by Catherine Paul... I'll be knitting two of these lovely hats and two pairs of space invader socks. Sock pattern is bmp by Aija Goto out of Spring 2007 knitty. These will be Christmas presents for DH and DS.

My first submission was the most fun. I knit a mustache to complete the Nerd Costume challenge and DH modeled it for me.
It was tied to my nerd-dom through the episode of Bones where Booth and Brennan go under cover as Circus folk. Booth is wearing a HUGE mustache.

There is also Christmas knitting going on of course... and I still have a couple of Challenge projects on the needles.  I'm in love with the Mini Mochi Fair Isle Hat and having tons of fun with my own Toxic Socks... plan to have them finished and wear them for Halloween. What are you working on?
WW is going well... down 14.8 pounds now. :)

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