Sunday, May 22, 2011

Blue bird eggs and finish-it-up-itis

I've been neglecting my pansies last few days and so they needed to be watered pretty badly. Yesterday afternoon I filled up the pitcher I use to water the plants and headed outside. To my surprise I found a pretty little nest in my planter of pansies. I was so tickled! I watered around the nest to make sure I wouldn't disturb it and took a picture of the pretty little blue eggs. Guess I need to be sure to keep the pansies watered to they can hide the nest instead of laying droopy all around it!

Over the past month I have had a serious case of finish-it-up-itis. I've managed to finish a gorgeous pair of socks, a cowl, a Booga bag and am planning to finish my linen stitch scarf today. I've also freed the needles off a couple of projects that just were not going to happen and organized my stash. My EZ green sweater got ripped back as far as it could be ripped since some of the steeks had been cut and was then felted and cut up into squares for coasters. The funny pieces are making great cat toys for Marvin. He loves alpaca!

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