Saturday, April 16, 2011


I'm disgruntled with my knitting.
Its not the knitting's fault this time. The knitting is being perfectly cooperative.
I've had two days at home to be lazy and do nothing but knit if I want to. Now that my knit marathon is over though I feel disgruntled because I really didn't work on anything I am just in love with. You know how it goes... you get the perfect yarn and and the perfect project together and voila! nothing but fun. Well, I did shop the stash and Ravelry for a new, fun project, but I have finish-up itis and nothing sounded good enough to throw the other projects to the wayside. So I finished a hat. I worked on my vest and on a pair of socks. The hat is finished, but after two days of knitting I thought I'd have more to show for it than a hat. Well, the vest is about 3/4 done and the socks are getting there, one sock is past the heel and the other almost at the heel. But I'm disgruntled anyway, because I'm looking for a new sexy project and it hasn't found me yet.

I'm also disgruntled with FedEx. My phone was supposed to be delivered yesterday, but it is now scheduled for Monday. According to FedEx tracking it went for a ride right by my town and kept going about two hours east. I hope it comes back soon.

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